A Day at …

Bon soir! Are you well? I hope so!

A very special announcement tonight for you, my dear friends. Even in the infancy of this blog, I have quickly learned that one of the most wonderful outcomes of publishing one’s ideas and interests is connecting with other people who might be able to lend their extraordinary talent and perspective to your own particular area of the conversation.

One of the overarching goals of À La Prochaine is to encourage poking our noses from outside the safe little nooks we tend to cocoon ourselves into and engage more with the vast splendor that culture affords us. By bringing bits of Paris and France to this platform, I hope to not only inspire you to think about culture differently, but to also support and collaborate with communities and local businesses possessing a similar intention.

That being said, I am very pleased to unveil an exciting collaboration between À La Prochaine and feature illustrator, Emily Dumas. As you may recall from Emily’s January feature , we announced a special project exclusive only to À La Prochaine. The series, A Day at…, will feature various samplings of daily French life. For those moments you find yourself in need of a whimsical French fix, this series will help. Tonight, I invite you to indulge and spend A Day at the Patisserie– the first vignette of this charming series.

À La Prochaine.


Love Emily’s work?  Find her at:

Portfolio/Illustration: www.emilydumasillustration.com