A Day at… La Fromagerie


La Fromagerie, or the cheese shop, is one of the many unique delights that makes France so charming.  Admittedly, buying cheese in France can be daunting.  They are experts. There’s a formula to purchasing and serving cheese, and it seems like a fine art at times.  We’ll get into that at a later time.  Although before France, the extent of my cheese knowledge didn’t exceed… gulp… Kraft.

For some unknown reason, I haven’t spent much time discussing cheese. Gasp.   I’m just as befuddled by this as you are.  Worry not!  Today, that changes.  I’ve been thinking a great deal about cheese, as one should.  I once again thank the talented Emily Dumas for rectifying my egregious error with her extraordinary gift for capturing the cheesy French snapshots from my dreams.

Today, we are spending the day at La Fromagerie.  Allons-y!


Do you have a favorite cheese?  Tell me all about it in the comments below!

À la prochaine!



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