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What I Watched: Une Vie de Chat

The midnight zoomies.  Cat owners, I’m guessing you might know what this means.  Tipped cups.  Crinkly jingle toys.  Crashes. Bangs.  Booms.  No plant, drink, or twisty tie is safe from the paws of a kitty in the middle of the night.  My two fur-children chase […]

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What I Watched: Elle

WARNING: The following post discusses sexual assault and violence and may be upsetting and/or disturbing to some readers.  Reader discretion is advised. Every July, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is host to its French Film festival, which boasts a showcase of “a diverse selection […]

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What I Watched: L’arnacoeur

Heartbreaker/ L’arnacoeur (Original Title) Year: 2010 Pascal Chaumeil, Director Cast: Romain Duris (Alex) Vanessa Paradis (Juliette) Julie Ferrier (Mélanie) François Damiens (Marc) Andrew Lincoln (Jonathan)     Alex is a breakup hitman. He doesn’t physically harm people.  He harms relationships. Along with his plucky sister, […]

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What I Watched: Populaire

Sniff. Cough. Hack. Repeat. Toss some explosive AHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOs into the mix, and that appropriately describes my germy existence for the last half of February. Not one to enjoy the confines of a single place for long durations, I started to become an uncontrollable heap of […]

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