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Expats We Love: Corey

When people ask why I love Paris as much as I do, often my answer involves a slew of stutters and fragmented points:  History… err…lifestyle…oops, no… bridges…ah… esthetic… art… baguettes. Baguettes!  Unfailingly, a tsunami of ideas rush my brain faster than I can manage to […]

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Expats We Love: Véronique

In the creation of this blog, personally connecting with other bloggers and francophiles was a top priority. Nearly a year later, and that hasn’t changed! Chatting France with anyone is definitely fun, but when that same enthusiasm is reciprocated, the feeling is downright magical.  As […]

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Ten Years

Ten years.  Ten years, and I was there in that wonderful spot again, invisible beneath the barrage of flickering lights, the twinkle of a million halogen fireflies against the night.  The March air briskly whisked past our cheeks.  I glanced at my husband whose eyes […]

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