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Bébé Francophile Starter Kit

  Here I am, six months along with this growing bump, and only a few more to go before I meet my petit garçon.  So far, life has felt like an ongoing Barbara Walters special.  Never have I attracted such attention- so many questions, so […]

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Part III Today, I want to have some fun at the expense of Vegas tourist retail. For the literal readers- this post is dripping with sarcasm. As you might recall from yesterday’s post, I noted the …unique… retail situation at the Paris Hotel and Casino […]

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2015 Holiday Gift Inspiration

The holidays are upon us, and frankly, I am struggling with a massive case of gift block.  In the past, I would have my entire shopping list plotted and completed by October.  By December, I would gleefully drive past the mall, waving and grinning devilishly […]

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