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What I Watched: L’arnacoeur

Heartbreaker/ L’arnacoeur (Original Title) Year: 2010 Pascal Chaumeil, Director Cast: Romain Duris (Alex) Vanessa Paradis (Juliette) Julie Ferrier (Mélanie) François Damiens (Marc) Andrew Lincoln (Jonathan)     Alex is a breakup hitman. He doesn’t physically harm people.  He harms relationships. Along with his plucky sister, […]

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What I Watched: Populaire

Sniff. Cough. Hack. Repeat. Toss some explosive AHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOs into the mix, and that appropriately describes my germy existence for the last half of February. Not one to enjoy the confines of a single place for long durations, I started to become an uncontrollable heap of […]

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