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Flight of the Bumble Bee

Merde.  What time is it?  Where’s the clock?  I over-slept. I know it. Across the room, Katy’s peaceful snoozing is apparent through prolonged, deep, rhythmic breaths.  She doesn’t have class this morning.  I enjoy class, but admittedly I’m slightly envious she’s able to sleep longer.  […]

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The MiamMiam Box of Memories

Somewhere on Boulevard Arago, between Rue des Tanneries and Les Gobelins, stood the greatest monument of the early twenty-first century:  the YaToo Partoo (YTP).  The YTP was the love child of a vending machine, a cantina truck, and a bodega. Spanning the length of an […]

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Je T’Aime… Maybe?

Picture it: Paris. July. 2005.  The concrete sidewalks of the 13th arrondisement radiate the dense heat captured from a day baking in the sizzling Parisian summer sunshine.   On the Rue des Tanneries, an American mishmash of sweaty college girls poke their heads outside of an […]

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Midnight in… Paris?

Part II My eyes may have burned from the resident cloud of cigarette smoke, but I could still see.  Was this a colossal joke?  Goofy replicas and caricatures of iconic French art and architecture clumsily strewn around a… a… casino? In the distance, and over […]

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Fête de la Musique

Everything looks swirly.  We had a few extra glasses of wine with dinner, but not enough to impair good judgement or draw undesirable attention to ourselves.  The indulgence is just enough to trigger my dopey wine smile. I feel it stretching my face.  Normally, this […]

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The Escargot Experience

  Just order it. What’s the big deal? You love butter. You love garlic. It’s a win-win. It’s GOT to be delicious. Stop stalling. Sitting at an uneven bistro table and fidgeting a plastic menu, the internal war I waged perpetuated an already rapidly throbbing […]

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