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The MiamMiam Box of Memories

Somewhere on Boulevard Arago, between Rue des Tanneries and Les Gobelins, stood the greatest monument of the early twenty-first century:  the YaToo Partoo (YTP).  The YTP was the love child of a vending machine, a cantina truck, and a bodega. Spanning the length of an […]

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Galette des Rois Fit for a Queen

Traditions are spectacular. I love them.  They provide a trusted sense of continuity when life is constantly shifting and evolving.  Traditions keep our departed loved ones alive and quench us comforting nostalgia when our hearts thirst for the familiar scraps of the past.  Conversely, starting […]

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Escargots À La Bourguignonne

À La Prochaine has been thinking about escargot quite a bit lately. I recently posted about my first time trying the dish, and the confidence it gave me to experiment with wonderful new food that might be otherwise outside of my existing comfortable gastronomy. A […]

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The Escargot Experience

  Just order it. What’s the big deal? You love butter. You love garlic. It’s a win-win. It’s GOT to be delicious. Stop stalling. Sitting at an uneven bistro table and fidgeting a plastic menu, the internal war I waged perpetuated an already rapidly throbbing […]

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Love and Crêpes

Valentine’s Day. I have always adored this holiday despite the criticism by many that it is a manufactured opportunity to inflate the cost of roses and chocolate. As a child, mom made the house look like a conversation heart factory exploded. Dad surprised us girls […]

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