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Flight of the Bumble Bee

Merde.  What time is it?  Where’s the clock?  I over-slept. I know it. Across the room, Katy’s peaceful snoozing is apparent through prolonged, deep, rhythmic breaths.  She doesn’t have class this morning.  I enjoy class, but admittedly I’m slightly envious she’s able to sleep longer.  […]

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The MiamMiam Box of Memories

Somewhere on Boulevard Arago, between Rue des Tanneries and Les Gobelins, stood the greatest monument of the early twenty-first century:  the YaToo Partoo (YTP).  The YTP was the love child of a vending machine, a cantina truck, and a bodega. Spanning the length of an […]

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The Routine

Perfect. Those spreadsheets are finally done. What next? Lunch. Reports. I have a meeting this afternoon. I need more Post-Its. What time is it? 11:21am. Eleven. Twenty. One. GAH! How could forget to call her? How did I miss the past two hours? I hope […]

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The Escargot Experience

  Just order it. What’s the big deal? You love butter. You love garlic. It’s a win-win. It’s GOT to be delicious. Stop stalling. Sitting at an uneven bistro table and fidgeting a plastic menu, the internal war I waged perpetuated an already rapidly throbbing […]

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Ten Years

Ten years.  Ten years, and I was there in that wonderful spot again, invisible beneath the barrage of flickering lights, the twinkle of a million halogen fireflies against the night.  The March air briskly whisked past our cheeks.  I glanced at my husband whose eyes […]

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