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Fall-ing for Ma Maison

The greatest season is upon us. Bring me the foliage.  Bring me bulky sweaters.  Bring me every pumpkin spice product you can find.  I may be thirty … err…something, but I’m forever that six-year-old girl jumping into pile of leaves.   Autumn makes my heart glow. […]

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The Caramel Obsession

Jess, you have to try this French place I found… I hear this amongst friends, family, and followers quite often, and it never grows old. Never.  I’m always looking to discover a new place that offers authentic goodies and magically transports me back to France […]

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I have a sweet tooth. This is evident by the number of posts I have so far featured favoring the fierce simplicity of a flavorful macaron over the robust taste deluge that accompanies a serving of coq au vin.  The truth is this- French desserts […]

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Jolie Tea Company

Jess Days. Catchy, right? I try to schedule one monthly for a healthier life balance between work, miscellaneous obligations, and personal fulfillment. The day finds me wandering solo, blending into in the background of anywhere mood permits. Retreat, fade, and reflect. Sometimes this will include […]

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Pain D’Avignon

Beyond the stretch of outlets, chain restaurants, and general retail, and nestled between an airport and a central route is a miniscule, slightly rocky parking lot, affording only a handful of spots to those who were ambitious to explore beyond the tourist traps and who […]

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The Log on My Table

Now that the last of the holiday treats has been eaten, the dishes washed, the decorations dismantled, and the gifts cleared from under the tree, Christmas is officially over in my home.  Processing that takes a few minutes. Frankly, I spend months planning and preparing to make […]

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