Paris & France

Paris Neighborhood
Image: View of Parisian Neighborhood

Traveling to Paris in the near future?

Peruse these resources, from myself & other experts, to help make planning seamless.

My Tips & Advice:

Paris Fun:  Jessica’s Top Picks

Hotel or Apartment?  Choosing the Perfect Accommodations (Coming Soon)

Culture Shock: What It Is & How to Overcome It

Dining in Paris:  The Differences between Establishments (Coming Soon)

My Ultimate Paris Itinerary

The Darker Side of Paris:  Pickpockets, Scams, and Petty Theft (Coming Soon)

Additional Web Resources:


Paris Airports

Getting Into and Around Paris: From the blog, ‘My Love for Paris’

Les Taxis Bleus

RATP- Visiting Paris

Popular Museums & Sightseeing:

The Eiffel Tower- BEAT THE LINES!

The Paris Pass- Sightseeing & Tourism for Less

The Louvre

Musée d’Orsay

Be sure to check back- there’s more to come!