DIY Francophile Halloween Costume

Posting about Halloween on a Francophile blog seems kind of odd, given that the holiday isn’t the big deal in France as it is in the United States. Although, if trick or treating were more practiced in France, could you imagine the potential caliber of goodies?  Macaron.  Carambar. Bonbons… oh my!

These are my fantasies, but I digress.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  You may be familiar with my affinity for fall, so it’s no surprise that this spooky celebration ranks high on my list of favorites.  Even though my brilliant art historical costumes never win the contest because the sexy bunny always thwarts my craftiest efforts, I still love the thrill of playing a character.  I also love dancing to Thriller.  Tell me that’s not fun!

The pumpkins.  The scary stories.  The Halloween theme music.  Goblins, ghouls, and witches- I love the spooky hype of it all!

This Halloween is going to be the best one yet in my household, since it will be Petit Garçon’s first!  I’ve already begun to transform our home into a witch’s lair and play Hocus Pocus on a loop.  The best part? I get complete creative control over his costumes for a limited time. He doesn’t know what’s coming to him.  The big question is: what should he be?

A ghost?  It’s been done.

A dinosaur? Meh. I can do better.

A lion?  Cute, but not feeling it.

Eureka, I’ve got it!  It’s the elephant in the room.  No, really.  An elephant!  You might be scratching your head, wondering how that’s more exciting than a lion or a dinosaur.  Well, because this elephant happens to be French, and he wears a crown! Any guesses?


Petit Garçon will be none other than the beloved French children’s book character, Babar!

Babar Book

Jean de Brunhoff’s The Story of Babar is the timeless tale of a sweet elephant who tragically watches his mother die at the hands of poachers.  Devastated by her loss, he wanders to a city, befriends a socialite, and becomes quite the cosmopolitan.

Babar Open Book

I’m partnering with Little Nugget to show you how to easily make this adorably unique francophile costume idea for the pint-sized chouchou in your life. You’ll need:

  1. An adorable baby.

Petit Garcon in Pumpkin Onesie

  1. An elephant costume.

Pottery Barn Kids Infant Elephant Costume

  1. A lightweight green outfit. You’ll be putting these over the elephant costume, so be sure to order a size or two larger than baby’s actual size.

Primary Infant Green Outfit Separates

  1. Two yellow foam sheets and two red stiffened felt sheets for the crown and bow tie.

Foam and Felt Craft Supplies

  1. Black and white infant sneaker socks.

Infant Black and White Sneaker Socks

This could not be simpler. The manual labor is only in drawing the crown and bow tie shapes, and then affixing them to the costume.  The bow tie can be sturdily attached with double-sided fabric tape.  I threaded the crown to the Elephant costume, as Petit Garçon’s chubby little hands love to pull and touch everything.  Luckily, he is more fascinated by the elephant trunk.  Also, there’s a bit of layering happening here, so definitely make sure baby doesn’t get too hot!

Voila!  You now have your own precious Babar.

Infant Babar Costume

Infant Babar Costume


Take a lot of photos! Then be sure to download and use the Little Nugget  baby photo app to capture this sweet holiday memory.  The app has a fun collection of stickers that perfectly accompanies all those beautifully simple, fleeting moments, such as baby’s first Halloween.

Infant Babar Costume

À la prochaine!