2016 Francophile Holiday Gift Guide

Oh la la!  Bonjour, Décembre! Friends, this year I am filled to the brim with holiday cheer.  I could almost burst from it!  The smell of wood stove in the air.  The lingering echo of ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ on every street corner.  The sprigs of pine.  The rich, velvet poinsettia petals.  The hot chocolate.  I can’t get enough of the season!  More! More, I say!!

With all this festive euphoria floating my spirit through the days, I’m on a mission to find the perfect gift for everyone on my list. Per usual, I’ve stumbled onto some truly marvelous treasures that are sure to make any francophile squeal with delight.  Without further delay, I present to you the À La Prochaine 2016 Francophile gift guide!

Francophile Holiday Gift Guide 2016

  1. Baguette Love T-Shirt ($24.99): Tell me- have you seen a shirt with a baguette on it before this moment? Highly doubtful!  These high quality shirts are designed and produced right in France.  If part of your guilty pleasures is tearing a crusty piece of quignon, this is the perfect apparel to put on your wish list!
  2. Baguette Catnip Toys ($9.94): Cats probably shouldn’t eat real baguette… scratch that… Don’t feed kitty actual baguette. Stick to the Fancy Feast.  Instead, give your little, purring fur baby the experience with a baguette catnip toy.  Just picture Mittens’ happiness carrying her slice of heaven all around the house!  The added bonus: she’ll entertain you for hours living high with the zoomies from a decent catnip buzz.
  3. Jacques Pépin Collection Menu Baker ($50.00): We all have that person in our lives who loves cooking. In the culinary world, chef Jacques Pépin is a legend.  Impress the francophile chef in your life with this gorgeous, and useful, piece from his collection.  Bon appétit!
  4. Secret Paris: Color Your Way to Calm ($11.02): 2016 was stressful, wasn’t it? Start 2017 on a calming note with this coloring book.  This was given to me as a gift last year, and the designs are artful and relaxing!
  5. Les Interchangeables (Price Varies): I am obsessed- and I mean obsessed– with these mix and match bracelets. I love the stacked look of other charm bracelets on the market, but the constant cling, cling, cling of the jangling charms sends my nerves into a tizzy. These posh (and quiet) bracelets mix well in either casual or formal affairs.  They’re gorgeous and versatile!
  6. 365 French Words A-Year 2017 Calendar ($10.39): Be a good francophile, and practice your vocabulaire! Building your vocabulary is one of the easiest ways to be a better French speaker.  I bought this calendar for myself in 2016, and it was immensely helpful.  Sure, I don’t remember every word, but my skills did improve significantly.
  7. Fred & Friends French Toast Bread Stamper ($5.05): Toast has never given me so much nostalgia.  ‘Nuff said.
  8. Marguerite DVD ($22.99): The French film enthusiast will LOVE receiving this as a gift.  First, Catherine Frot is beloved. She’ll steal your heart. Second, this film is the recipient of several prestigious awards and nominations.   Frot won a César award for best actress!
  9. Nice to Sweet You Soap Set ($14.99): Macaron without the calories. This adorable macaron soap set will tickle anyone who has ever stood in a Ladurée line with a wide smile.
  10. Ravensburger Eiffel Tower 216 Piece 3D Building Set ($13.59): Bring the family together and build your own Eiffel tower. This was actually used at a recent function at my office, and it was a HUGE hit.  Bring-on the fun!

That’s a wrap, folks.  Now, get wrapping!

À la prochaine.



  1. Diane

    December 1, 2016 at 11:33 am

    Thank you SO much for featuring my shirt!! Happy holidays!

    1. Jessica

      December 1, 2016 at 1:24 pm

      Always a pleasure! Happy holidays to you as well!

  2. Susanne B.

    December 2, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Oh that catnip baguette is so cute! There are some super cute French themed glass ornaments at Sur La Table as well. I think I saw baguettes, macarons, an Eiffel Tower and maybe a French flag.

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