2015 Francophile Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are upon us, and frankly, I am struggling with a massive case of gift block.  In the past, I would have my entire shopping list plotted and completed by October.  By December, I would gleefully drive past the mall, waving and grinning devilishly to all the drivers stuck in the massive parking lot jam.  This year, I’ll be in the jam.  So, if you’re in need of some gift motivation and inspiration like I am, then here’s my list for you.  Some of these I own and some are on my personal wish list.  Either way, these are the perfect items for that francophile in your life, or if you are that francophile, add these to your wish list too!

  1. Rive Gauche Handbag:  Which side of the Seine are you?   Kasia Dietz makes an incredible handbag.  I have been obsessed with her line for years.  She also makes a Rive Droit bag, but I fancy myself a left bank woman!
  2. Paris Cocktails:  You don’t even need to imbibe to love this book.  This artful collection of famous French inspired cocktail recipes is exquisite enough to serve as a photographic show piece on any table.
  3. Midnight in Paris:  This movie will make francophiles yearn to hop into an old Peugeot and travel to the 1920’s and hang with one of the most notable literary crews in history.
  4. Café Noir Body Polish:  French Girl Organics is one of my favorite skin care lines making every dip in the tub feel like a trip to the spa.
  5. Door 14 Paris Print:  Rebecca Plotnick’s stunning work reveals those gorgeously subtle esthetic details that make Paris notoriously romantic.
  6. French Cheese Collection:  Seriously- who wouldn’t want cheese for a gift?  I shudder at the thought.
  7. The Paris Journal:  A fictional account of life in Paris accompanied by lavish photography.  C’est superbe!
  8. Mug:  The best part of waking-up is Paris on your cup.
  9. Paris, I Love You Magnets: These adorable magnets will add cheer to any space.  This charming shop also has a print to match, if you’re really in the giving spirit!
  10. Crepe Maker:  Crepes ALL the time.  Doesn’t that sound magical?  You better add some Nutella to that shopping list!