The Special Candy Box Everyone Should Savor This Spring

When Noemie from Noemie’s Pantry, an online food and beverage company, contacted me about the latest launch of her Spring Candy Box, I knew that I needed to try is and experience it for myself.  You may recall a few months ago, I reviewed one of her other incredible boxes, and I have since become a loyal patron.  The Spring Candy Box would be no less dazzling, I was sure.  Noemie, a French girl from Paris, sells quality international products that she herself keeps in her own pantry, so I’ve grown to trust her knowledge and business.  As soon as I retrieved that gorgeous red package from my doorstep and unpacked my treats, the thought occurred to me that this candy is REALLY special.  This is not the kind of candy you can grab and gobble from Wal-mart. Steeped in history, these candies epitomize luxury.

That got me thinking…

I’m on always on the hunt for thoughtful items to give as gifts, and the Spring Candy Box makes a perfect gift.  Maybe you want to show some gratitude to someone who supported you through a rough time, or helped you tackle a tedious task.  Maybe there’s someone out there who needs a little extra love and cheer.  Maybe you just want to show some extra love to your best friend just because.

Then again Easter is right around the corner… EUREKA! That’s it! An Easter Basket!  Noemie’s Spring Candy Box would be such a meaningful addiction to any Easter basket.  Since I’m feeling particularly motivated for spring and the upcoming holiday, I decided to put one together to show you.

Noemie's Pantry Spring Candy Box Easter Basket

Darling, isn’t it?  Who wouldn’t appreciate receiving one of these? Please do note that the jaunty bird, fresh flowers, and wicker basket are not part of this package.  Those were my own personal touches.

What’s In The Spring Candy Box, Anyways?

Noemie has put together a collection of 19th century sweets that are still widely popular in France today.  They must be tasty! Here’s the lineup:

Boissier Citrus Candies

Noemie's Pantry Spring Candy Box Boissier

Taste/Flavor:  A refreshing variety of hard citrus candies in lemon, lime, and orange flavors.

Best Enjoyed: One candy at a time, slowly.  I love having one when I need a little mental rejuvenation to work through that dreaded afternoon slump.

Historical Importance:  Victor Hugo was known to enjoy these candies.

Why I love them: For one, have you seen that gorgeous tin?  Once you’ve finished the candies, you can use to store other small trinkets and items, or put it on display in your home.  I’m doing both!  Two, Noemie’s grandmother used to have these.  This is such a personal and sentimental product- Noemie is sharing a piece of her life here, and that’s truly meaningful!

Chocolat Bonnat

Noemie's Pantry Spring Candy Box Chocolat Bonnat

Taste/Flavor:  A uniquely rich and intense dark chocolate experience.

Best Enjoyed: One square at a time.  Trust me, that’s all you need. The flavor is so complex and full of depth that anything more is too intense.  Taste this alongside something sweet, like a chilled coupe of champagne, or perhaps a nutty cheese.  The splendor of Chocolat Bonnat is its intriguing flavor and sultry texture.  This is a great way to pause, indulge, and relax after a stressful day.

Historical Importance:  Chocolat Bonnat is still a family-owned company that was originally founded in 1884.  The idea has always been to transform the cocoa bean into a quality chocolate, and still remains as such today.  The company is loyal to quality chocolate, and as a result, rejects the idea of mass commercialization.

Why I love them: It’s chocolate.  Do I even need to elaborate on that one? Teasing here, but I do tend to pride myself as a chocolate buff.  Through all of my chocolatey life experience, I have never tasted one this fascinating.  The more I allow the little square to melt in my mouth, the more the flavor evolves.

Les Anis de Flavigny (Rose and Violet Varieties)

Noemie's Pantry Spring Candy Box Les Anis de Flavigny

Taste/Flavor:  Separate flavors of Rose and Violet, yet both result with a subtle hint of anise.  Cheery floral flavors that are perfect for spring.

Best Enjoyed: Slowly.  Do not try to crunch this candy!  This French mint is perfect to serve during a high tea or cocktail party.  You can savor it and still comfortably engage in conversation.

Historical Importance:  Dating back to at least the fourteenth century, these are thought of as France’s oldest candy!

Why I love them: The process involved in making these candies is meticulous.  It all begins with a tiny anise seed. The anise seeds are combined with a natural flavor sugar syrup and then are rotated on a large pan.  This constant rotation causes the sugar syrup to gradually coat the anise seed until the candy is smooth and about the size of a marble.  The entire rotation process takes a whopping fifteen days!

Spread The Spring Cheer

Noemie’s Pantry Spring Candy Box is a cheery way to add some extra sunshine to your spring, Easter basket or not.  Whether you’re treating yourself, or someone special, these exquisite candies are as luxurious as they are thoughtful.  I say, ditch the discount stuff and head over to Noemie’s Pantry to learn more about how you can make the new season sweeter.

À la prochaine.

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