The Paris Creperie is Coolidge Corner’s Sweetest Nook

New England experiences some pretty wacky weather.  One day you’re wearing a parka, the next day, you may just find yourself in flip flops.  This fall has been no exception, but us native New Englanders aren’t phased.  I pride myself on being mostly fearless when it comes to our turbulent weather patterns.  My little sedan has powered through many-a-blizzard.  That being said, I generally try not to test my driving luck against the elements… unless, crêpes are involved.  Or, so I discovered recently when some friends and I decided to trek into a mini snow storm for a tasty afternoon at The Paris Creperie in Brookline.  My love for crêpes has no bounds, snow be damned.

Paris Creperie Brookline Coolidge Corner Exterior

Located right in the heart of a bustling Coolidge Corner, The Paris Creperie is a great place for fans of the popular French pastry.  These are not your average crêpes.  Patrons have the option of breakfast, sweet, savory, and even customized crêpes.  There’s no shortage of variety here. With names such as ‘Ruth Bader Cinnsburg’ (cinnamon bun inspired crêpe) and ‘Berry Manilow’ (poppy seed infused crepe with sweet cream cheese spread, wild blueberry French preserves, and lemon), The Paris Creperie adds a quirky spin to tradition.  If you’re not feeling so adventurous, worry not- the menu also offers the basics, such as the ‘Nutella Chocolate Crêpe’.  Speaking of Nutella, you can also expect an entire drink menu strictly devoted to the notorious hazelnut treat.  Seriously. The place reached right into my brain and pulled out my fantasies. Heaven.

The menu is so unique and downright delicious, that this eatery is constantly buzzing. During my snowy excursion, I’m certain most of Coolidge Corner tried to cram into the space.  The Paris Creperie is a tiny venue, so on a bustling weekend afternoon especially, you might just find yourself getting cozy with a random stranger.  My friends and I stood at the entrance for a wait before a table cleared for our group.

The wait in tight quarters is just a small price to pay for a genuinely scrumptious experience.  In fact, once I started to devour ‘The Affectation’ (bacon, goat cheese, arugula, fig reduction), I immediately understood the restaurant’s popularity.  The creamy texture of the goat cheese paired with slightly chewy and salty bacon was divine alongside the subtly sweet fig reduction.  Of course, I couldn’t leave without at least tasting a Raspberry Nutella Latte.  Wowie. Wow. Wow.  If I could have one of these every hour without repercussion, I would.

Paris Creperie Brookline MA Crepes

The hectic Paris Creperie is a genuine treat.  If you’re like me and mentally implode at the prospect of crowds in tight spaces, you don’t have to be deprived of a great bite.  The Paris Creperie offers takeout, catering, and online ordering.  However on a snowy day, it was the perfect place to fill myself full of savory crêpe and wrap my hands around a warm drink.

À la prochaine.

The Paris Creperie

278 Harvard Street

Brookline, MA