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First Thing’s First: Macaron OR Macaroon?

Before we delve into the delights of Miam Miam Macaronerie, let us take a moment to reflect on that gorgeous little colorful meringue cookie confection itself- the macaron.  How does one actually pronounce the word macaron?  The confusion on this topic frequently lies with another famous sweet, the macaroon, which is actually a small coconut cake.  Make no mistake. ‘Macaron’ is NOT an alternative spelling of ‘Macaroon’ and vice versa. They are completely different sweets.  The two are both delicious, but if you ask for a Macaroon in France, you may get a perplexed look in response.  So, right here, right now, let’s solve this quandary.

I’m going to channel my college French instructor, Sofy’a, who would say, “Répétez après moi…” (repeat after me):




Ron.  Ron.  Ron.  As in, “My crazy uncle Ron is trying to communicate with Martians through soda cans and dental floss again.” OR “Hey, did you see Ron at the mall?  He is like, totally dreamy. Totally. Like oh-em-gee.”

Macaron.  Pass it on. Knowledge is power.

Boston’s Very Own Macaronerie:

Pronunciation aside, macarons are one of my favorite petite delights.  They are a light treat that pairs wonderfully with tea; although, I prefer to taste them will a chilled, sparkling flute of Pommery. They also make a great dessert to follow a hearty meal with friends. I have also dubbed them the perfect conversation dessert, since they can be made with fascinating flavors, worthy of discussion.  They are an elegant, gorgeous, and low maintenance addition to every table.  You can nibble on a macaron and still engage in intense philosophical discussion.

Miam Miam Macaronerie Boston MA Spread

My excitement was palpable when I discovered Miam Miam Macaronerie on South Boston’s bustling West Broadway.  Surrounded by trendy shops and eateries, this Beantown macaron mecca could not have found a more appropriate spot to dazzle consumers with some colorfully tasty joie de vivre.  Always on the hunt for a fun macaron, I knew I had to investigate this spot immediately.

Miam Miam Macaronerie Boston MA Storefront

The shop itself is modest in size, but large in personality, which fits the nature of the mighty macaron.  Jennifer, a pastry chef and chocolatier, happily chatted with me as she prepared my macaron box.  She exudes enthusiasm for her craft, and that made me even more excited to try her macarons.  Jennifer’s chipper demeanor reminded me of her Fun Fête macaron.

Miam Miam Macaronerie Boston MA Jennifer

Miam Miam Macaronerie Boston MA Macarons

Miam Miam Menu

Miam Miam Macaronerie offers an impressive selection of macaron varieties.  There’s truly a macaron for every taste.  Jen’s flavors range from the classics, like her chocolate meltaway, to more complex combinations, such as Lemon and Pink Peppercorn.  As a special treat to honor the football playoffs, the shop even made New England Patriots themed macaron boxes, offering Snickers as the keynote flavor in the bundle.

Miam Miam Macaronerie Boston MA Football

Since I couldn’t decide which flavors to choose, because I really wanted to experience the range of tastes across the macaron spectrum, I ordered two of each flavor, plus some football boxes as gifts.  However, you can basically order macaron any way you’d like for any occasion because Miam Miam Macaronerie offers a variety of packaging options. So, if you’re planning a special event, you can order individual favors or even a macaron tower!  The shop makes this a breeze with an online ordering application.

Speaking of online- and this tidbit really made my jaw hit the floor- you can order Miam Miam Macaronerie macarons through GrubHub.  If I lived closer, this would be my total undoing.  I wish I were kidding.  If you are unlike me and are able to control your macaron temptations, this is a convenient way to get a fix.

Miam Miam Macaronerie Boston MA Package

The Truth is in the Filling

The macarons here are fantastic.  Miam Miam Macaronerie’s had the ideal chewy consistency promising that textbook melt-in-your-mouth experience. The shells are perfectly smooth with gorgeous esthetic touches, such as the Rose Petal, which is dusted with crushed rose petals.  The flavors have so much depth, which is itself a testimony of quality ingredients. Of all the flavors, my favorites were the Cinnamon Sugar, Lemon and Pink Peppercorn, Rose Petal, Vanilla, and Honey Bergamot.

Miam Miam Macaronerie Boston MA Box

Miam Miam Macaronerie is the perfect spot to tickle your sweet tooth.  Grab some fun flavors, and spend the day shopping around the area’s local businesses.

Miam Miam Macaronerie Boston MA Sign

À la prochaine!

Miam Miam Macaronerie

359 W Broadway

Boston, MA 02127

(617) 433-0691


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