Ellie’s Bakery Brings Simple Parisian Pleasures to Providence

Ellie’s Bakery

brings a slice of Parisian charm to Rhode Island.  Nestled in the heart of Providence, guests can escape the draining hustle-bustle of American city life for a spot that adopts a more French existence- a relaxed atmosphere celebrating the simple pleasures of life.  Albeit cozy, Ellie’s has big personality.  Friendly sentimental personal touches are lovingly displayed throughout the bakery inviting all guests to immediate warmth and comfort.

Ellie's Bakery Providence Rhode IslandEllie's Bakery Providence Rhode IslandNo snobbery here- just a genuinely pleasant team of people who sincerely enjoy their products and take great pride in selling them.  Marble counters, fresh flowers, and gorgeous displays of goodies all bring the essence of Paris to Ellie’s, but really, what makes this bakery truly French in spirit is its obvious profound respect for good food that is crafted with quality ingredients.

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If you’re considering a trip to Ellie’s Bakery, here are five treats you MUST try:


This petite treat originating from Bordeaux is famous for its perfect contrasting textures.  The ingredients are simple, mostly consisting of rum and vanilla.  Don’t be fooled its simplicity, this tiny treat promises a big delivery.   The flavorful crunchy exterior of caramelized sugar makes way for the soft, spongy custard center lending the taster the most delightfully intriguing combination of consistencies.

They are perfect for any time of day, any occasion, but I like to enjoy mine alongside a warm cup of tea.  One bite of cannelé at Ellie’s Bakery and you might think you’ve transported yourself directly to Bordeaux!

Ellie's Bakery Providence Rhode Island Canele

Spiced Kouign Amann

Muffin, meet croissant.  Kouign Amann (pronounced kwin-ah-mahn) is a Breton cake made with viennoirserie dough- a laminated dough that is folded with butter. Although similar to our good friend, the croissant, Kouign Amann dough is also folded with sugar.  It’s slowly baked so that the dough puffs upward and produces gorgeous individual layers that are soft and sweet on the inside, and crusty from caramelization on the outside.  Ellie’s Bakery Spiced Kouign Amann is layered with love. The layers beautifully meander and interlock with one another like a road map laden with the warming comforts of cinnamon spice and crunch, beckoning me to its buttery and chewy center.  This is a treat I like to enjoy slowly, peeling away each layer individually.

Ellie's Bakery Providence Rhode Island Kouign Amann


This classic French sweet needs no introduction on this blog, but what distinguishes Ellie’s Bakery from the rest are the distinctly nostalgic flavors.  Ellie’s offers traditional macaron flavors like pistachio and lemon lavender. BUT (and you might want to sit down while reading this next sentence) customers are also treated to the sheer wonder that are GIRL SCOUT macarons.  You read that correctly.  Your eyes are not blurry, unless you are now crying tears of joy because you’ve just learned that somewhere in this world exists a lovechild of France’s iconic treat with one of America’s most iconic treats.  Thin mint. Shortbread. The infamous Caramel Delight/Samoa.  You can now enjoy these classic childhood flavors at Ellie’s Bakery as a macaron.

Ellie's Bakery Providence Rhode Island Macaron

I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath.

Bon.  Let’s continue.


Matthew, known as Bar Whisperer by the rest of the Ellie’s team, energetically proclaimed this French sweet to be his favorite menu item during my visit.  I was skeptical.  Just looking at the bountiful sweets before me, how did a French toast spinoff earn such prestige?  Bostock is considered to be the long-lost relative of French toast as Americans know it.  Traditionally, it’s made with day-old brioche, frangipane, and topped with almonds and powdered sugar. When I tried the Bostock at Ellie’s Bakery, I immediately understood Matthew’s enthusiasm.  Ellie’s innovates the traditional Bostock concept by adding tart and chewy cherries, oats, and burst of lemon poppy, making it a refreshingly filling way to start the day.  Like the canelé, it’s a collection of textures that pleasantly complement each other.

Ellie's Bakery Providence Rhode Island Bostock


Of all these wonderful goodies, the best experience at Ellie’s Bakery is the classic croissant. In general, the croissant is impressive because the ingredients are simple, but the craft is definitely not.  You know I love a good croissant– carefully fashioned with the utmost respect for a few simple superior ingredients.  This makes a difference in taste and appearance. A well-made croissant is not only flavorful, but it is also esthetically beautiful with golden, billowy layers. Made with Maine Grain’s 86% Whole Wheat Flour and Full Bloom Apiaries Honey, this gorgeous viennoiserie is the real deal.

Seriously.  Do not leave Ellie’s without one… or a dozen.  You’ll need to grab one fast because these sell quickly!  Ellie’s croissant is light, buttery, and sweet.  It’s certainly on my personal list of the most gorgeous croissants I’ve ever seen.  I mean… just look at these perfect layers and pockets:

Ellie's Bakery Providence Rhode Island Croissant

Most importantly, this croissant can withstand one of the most beloved French habits- the glorious coffee Dip.

Ellie’s Bakery Is the Perfect Spot to Dip Your Croissant

Ellie’s is not your typical bakery.  The second Theodore the Rooster greeted me, I knew I’d be treated to a unique experience.  For the record, Theo is just as dandy as the rumors claim, happily posing for my photos.  He and Little Red became fast friends.  Dandy roosters aside, if you’re looking for a spot to escape and unwind with some delicious goodies, Ellie’s Bakery is THE place.

À la prochaine.

Ellie's Bakery Providence Rhode Island

Ellie’s Bakery

61 Washington Street

Providence, RI


  1. Diane

    March 13, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    LOVE!!!!!!! I had a look at their Instagram and let me tell you, their cakes look INCREDIBLE. Big cake fan over here and in France, you cannot get a “normal” fluffy layer cake, so I make my own. Pastries and specialty desserts are great but sometimes they’re just too heavy and dense. I am salivating at their beautiful cakes. I loved all the pics in your post here as well, of course. 😉
    And what a surprise to see Kouign Amanns. The Brittany treat isn’t even super easy to find here in my region neighboring Brittany, so good on them for introducing New Englanders to the pastry!

    1. Jessica

      March 14, 2018 at 4:16 pm

      Thank you, Diane! The cakes looked so phenomenal. That’s next on my list to try!

  2. Pauline

    March 14, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    I grew up in Rhode Island, but now live in Florida. I can’t wait for my next visit up north so I can go here…probably more than once!

    1. Jessica

      March 14, 2018 at 4:17 pm

      Pauline, it was such a lovely spot! You’ll have to let me know what you think when you visit.😊

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