Having a distinctive hobby and vocalizing it stirs a lot of curiosity. Below is a collection of frequently asked questions I receive. This will continue to grow!


  • What is a ‘Francophile’? You can read all about that in my bio!
  • How long have you been interested in French culture? Twenty years overall, but it became a longstanding interest after my study abroad over ten years ago.
  • Are all the photos your own?  Yes.  I take my own pictures.  There may be an occasion when I’ll have to borrow, such as in film or music reviews, but I’ll always credit the owner.
  • Do you ever have anything bad to say about an establishment?  No.  This is a positive atmosphere that aims to support local business, not hinder it.  If I don’t like something, I simply won’t write about it.
  • Why should I travel abroad? As a person who was constantly terrified to leave her comfort zone, I believe there is something for everyone abroad. Every nook in the world offers unique splendidness, and I couldn’t imagine my life without that experience. I wish that for everyone.
  • Am I fluent in French? Not yet! I speak well, but I have so much more to learn.
  • [Insert French song or movie] “Ohhh, Ohhh- what are they saying? Can you understand that?” It depends, but it is generally difficult. English lyrics are hard to understand sometimes, never mind in another language. If you need proof of that, simply Google ‘Taylor Swift Starbucks Lovers’.
  • Do you have a favorite French musician? Camille.
  • How many times have I been to Paris? Not nearly enough! Three times. The first for a travel writing class in college. The second for a college semester study abroad. The third for vacation with my husband.
  • Is it true that the French don’t like Americans? This misconception deeply saddens me. No! Of all the time I’ve spent living and vacationing in France, I have had nothing but positive experiences, many of which I will share periodically.
  • Is there anything about French culture you don’t like? Generally, no. I even appreciate the quirks.
  • Why don’t you live in Paris if you love it so much? I will someday! My husband and I hope to retire there. For now, I’m exactly where I need to be.
  • Could you plan my trip to Paris? I love planning Paris vacations, and as such, I have included a list of great websites and tips that will help anyone planning on visiting the city of lights. Check it out on ‘Resources’! The city offers so much more than just the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre- although, those are wonderful too!
  • What is your favorite French word? Just one? I couldn’t! Pas possible! French language is whimsical, which is why I love it, so I am drawn to those multisyllabic words with a lot of ‘ah’ and ‘eee’ sounds. For example, the word for umbrella is La parapluie. Pronounce it ‘Pah-rah-ploo-weee’. That’s just fun!
  • What do you hope to accomplish with this blog? Promoting and learning about different cultures is the simplest way to become a better person.   In doing so, we evolve and become more compassionate people. I hope this blog will enlighten readers, expose them to new ideas, and encourage them to abandon familiarity on occasion.