Do you get paid to write your reviews for this blog?  Generally, no.  Most of my reviews are unpaid at the moment.  I will always clearly identify partnerships, sponsors, affiliates, and paid posts.

Are your photos your own? Most images on this website are my own, but on occasion it is necessary to use a stock photo or another photographer’s work.  I’ll always include a photo credit in that case.

Are you French? Nope.  Just someone who deeply appreciates the culture.

Are you an expert in French culture? No, again.  This blog affords me the wonderful opportunity to learn something new constantly.  For instance, I just discovered that two different spellings of Canelé and Cannelé exist. Mind. Blown.

Do you live in France? No, after all, this blog is all about French culture… in New England!

Why don’t you speak more French across this website and social media?  I have come to learn that those who enjoy this blog might not necessarily know any French, and it feels a bit unfair to exclude them in that way.

If you’re not French, living in France, or an expert, why should I care about what you have to say? I find French things I like, review them, and then tell you about the experience.  It’s really that simple.

How long have you been interested in French culture? Twenty years, or so, overall, but it became a longstanding interest after my study abroad over ten years ago.

Am I fluent in French? Not yet!  I think I’ll likely be a lifetime learner. I have a crippling fear of speaking French outside of France.

Is it true that the French don’t like Americans?  This misconception deeply saddens me.  No!  Of all the time I’ve spent living and vacationing in France, I have had nothing but positive experiences, many of which I will share periodically.

Is there anything about French culture you don’t like? Every culture has its quirks, right?  Nothing is perfect!  I don’t see a need to focus on anything negative.

Why don’t you live in France if you love it so much?  I will someday!  Mon mari and I hope to retire there.  For now, I’m exactly where I need to be.

Could you plan my trip to Paris?  Being a parent, being a spouse, having a full-time career, and running a blog are all very demanding.  It would be impossible to honor every request to plan Paris trips.  Please do contact me, and I’d be happy to start you with some of my favorite resources!

What is Petit Garçon’s real name?  Why don’t you use it?  In an effort to retain some privacy and anonymity, I will not publish my child’s name on this website.  All comments sharing his name will be removed.

What do you hope to accomplish with this blog?  Promoting and learning about different cultures is the simplest way to becoming a better person.   In doing so, we evolve and become more compassionate people.  I hope this blog will enlighten readers, expose them to new ideas, and encourage them abandon familiarity on occasion.