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Snoozing for Midnight: A 2016 Recap

“Sweetie… sweetie?” Josh gently tugged at my limp foot. “Mwrar…hmphf.  Mmm hmmm?” I grumbled. “It’s almost midnight.  A few more minutes.  Wake-up.” Wow. What a year.  I’m not sure I can definitively decide whether it was great or terrible.  Somewhere in the middle, I will […]

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A Dress. A Shoe. A Merci Beaucoup.

Au revoir, Octobre!  Summer has come and gone in flash, and now we’re barreling through fall.  The agenda was filled with trips to restaurants, exhibits, and merry excursions to suit our friendly francophile community.  I planned book reviews, stinky cheese demonstrations, and other cultural narratives […]

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What’s the Deal with Culture Shock?

  I jolted awake, drenched in panic. Where was I? The shadowy cavern with its modest frills and enormous windows was not my bedroom. Oh right. Paris. I was in Paris. In the midst of a jet lagged slumber, I forgot. Clueless hours of trying […]

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Little Red

On a good day, my handbag is a disaster.  Crinkled receipts.  Stray coins.  A journal. Broken pens. I often flirt with the idea of downsizing or abandoning the handbag concept all together.   Yet, I am somehow married to the conventional idea of carrying one everywhere.  […]

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The Routine

Perfect. Those spreadsheets are finally done. What next? Lunch. Reports. I have a meeting this afternoon. I need more Post-Its. What time is it? 11:21am. Eleven. Twenty. One. GAH! How could forget to call her? How did I miss the past two hours? I hope […]

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Ten Years

Ten years.  Ten years, and I was there in that wonderful spot again, invisible beneath the barrage of flickering lights, the twinkle of a million halogen fireflies against the night.  The March air briskly whisked past our cheeks.  I glanced at my husband whose eyes […]

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