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Gin & Tonic Songs

The textbook rotten day.  The kind of day that can only correct itself with a tumbler of Tanqueray and tonic.  Gridlocked traffic. A hole in the favorite sweater.  A forgotten lunch.   Enough paper cuts to keep me from touching lemons for a week.  The clock […]

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Fête de la Musique

Everything looks swirly.  We had a few extra glasses of wine with dinner, but not enough to impair good judgement or draw undesirable attention to ourselves.  The indulgence is just enough to trigger my dopey wine smile. I feel it stretching my face.  Normally, this […]

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ALP Radio

Bon Vendredi!  We are ready to party this weekend, right?! I am so pleased to announce that À La Prochaine now has its own station over at Spotify.  Sing along with Francoise Hardy, Camille, Louane, and many more of our favorites. If you have a […]

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Louane, Wah-Oh

Alright, dear friends.  I have some news that might shock you.  For my French friends, my news won’t be alarming.  For many of my non-French friends, you might find this news unsettling.  Are you sitting?  I think you should sit for this.  Here goes… Eh […]

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