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Love and Crêpes

Valentine’s Day. I have always adored this holiday despite the criticism by many that it is a manufactured opportunity to inflate the cost of roses and chocolate. As a child, mom made the house look like a conversation heart factory exploded. Dad surprised us girls […]

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The Log on My Table

Now that the last of the holiday treats has been eaten, the dishes washed, the decorations dismantled, and the gifts cleared from under the tree, Christmas is officially over in my home.  Processing that takes a few minutes. Frankly, I spend months planning and preparing to make […]

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2015 Holiday Gift Inspiration

The holidays are upon us, and frankly, I am struggling with a massive case of gift block.  In the past, I would have my entire shopping list plotted and completed by October.  By December, I would gleefully drive past the mall, waving and grinning devilishly […]

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