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Expats We Love: Mollie Laylin

Hello, Mollie! She is half of the fabulous female power duo of the Paris-based pod-cast, The Faux Pas-Cast.  She is an American actress. Today, Mollie Laylin is the latest expat we love! The Faux Pas-Cast explores the taboo in Paris, but before Mollie’s insightful foray […]

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Expats We Love: Nhan

Surprisingly (or maybe not), the Paris blog is a popularly growing trend.  In fact, when I launched A La Prochaine, I had no idea my love for French culture had such a widespread share. Naturally, I sprung to connect with these bloggers because well… they […]

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Expats We Love: Corey

When people ask why I love Paris as much as I do, often my answer involves a slew of stutters and fragmented points:  History… err…lifestyle…oops, no… bridges…ah… esthetic… art… baguettes. Baguettes!  Unfailingly, a tsunami of ideas rush my brain faster than I can manage to […]

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Expats We Love: Véronique

In the creation of this blog, personally connecting with other bloggers and francophiles was a top priority. Nearly a year later, and that hasn’t changed! Chatting France with anyone is definitely fun, but when that same enthusiasm is reciprocated, the feeling is downright magical.  As […]

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Expats We Love: Diane

  If you are an avid À La Prochaine reader, then you might have ascertained that I started this blog for a variety of reasons. Every week it seems I list a new one.  Today, I’m adding yet another:  People.  Even with strong introverted tendencies, […]

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