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Studio Fauve-orite

Perfect timing. Petit Garçon and I have been particularly stir-crazy since I started maternity leave.  We needed a small day trip to give us some air because when you start forgetting the date and daytime television becomes riveting, it’s time to get the heck out […]

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A Day at… La Fromagerie

Coucou! La Fromagerie, or the cheese shop, is one of the many unique delights that makes France so charming.  Admittedly, buying cheese in France can be daunting.  They are experts. There’s a formula to purchasing and serving cheese, and it seems like a fine art […]

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Dining Room in the Country

I love art. Paintings. Drawing. Sculpture. Design. As a former art history major, there is little that bores me in the realm of visual culture. Considering this, as well as being a Massachusetts native, I am reluctant, and well… embarrassed… to admit that only two […]

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A Day at… La Fleuriste

Coucou! Today, ALP presents the second in our fun series A Day at… with illustrator, Emily Dumas.  Boston has been dreary, rainy, and cold.  Frankly, I’d like to see more color, more sunshine, and more flowers! Let’s turn that around with taking a trip to the […]

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A Day at …

Bon soir! Are you well? I hope so! A very special announcement tonight for you, my dear friends. Even in the infancy of this blog, I have quickly learned that one of the most wonderful outcomes of publishing one’s ideas and interests is connecting with […]

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  Joyeux anniversaire to painter, John Singer Sargent, who would have been 160 years old today! Born on January 12, 1856, Sargent evolved to become the most revered portrait painter of his generation. By a landslide, he is an À La Prochaine favorite, and his […]

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