Meet Jessica


I wish it would rain baguettes. Every day. Every night. Montmartre daydreams of cobble-stoned walkways meander around my every thought. Representations of Eiffel Towers adorn nearly every inch of my domestic landscape. Every July 14th, I toast to Bastille Day. Resisting the urge to faire la bise, or cheek kiss, friends and family all the time is often excruciating. These are just a few of my tendencies.  Hi. I’m Jessica, and I am an unapologetic francophile.

Being a francophile- the lifestyle of and intense admiration for France and French culture- began one afternoon in nineteen-ninety…something… when I snuck into my sister’s room to snoop through her book collection. As the younger sister, I was fascinated with every element of my older sister’s teenage existence. Books were no exception. Her shelves always swelled with extraordinary authors, so I knew I was bound to find a gem. While grazing along several worn book spines, I saw it. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen! This unfamiliar language was stunning. I couldn’t understand any of it, but the words and symbols spilled from the pages into a concert of linguistic splendor.   With such an immediate attraction, I knew that this flickering curiosity would escalate into a colossal obsession. It did.

Many years, dozens of French classes, three Parisian adventures, and a house full of French decor later, and my heart still flutters with a French pulse. It’s a culture with which I identify. Aside from this passion, I’m a native Bostonian who spends her days as a wife, a mom to two kitties, a freelance artist, and a higher education administrator. Sharing my adventures and French enthusiasm with you is the greatest of pleasures!