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January 2017

Galette des Rois Fit for a Queen

Traditions are spectacular. I love them.  They provide a trusted sense of continuity when life is constantly shifting and evolving.  Traditions keep our departed loved ones alive and quench us comforting nostalgia when our hearts thirst for the familiar scraps of the past.  Conversely, starting […]

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Snoozing for Midnight: A 2016 Recap

“Sweetie… sweetie?” Josh gently tugged at my limp foot. “Mwrar…hmphf.  Mmm hmmm?” I grumbled. “It’s almost midnight.  A few more minutes.  Wake-up.” Wow. What a year.  I’m not sure I can definitively decide whether it was great or terrible.  Somewhere in the middle, I will […]

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