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July 2016


Part III Today, I want to have some fun at the expense of Vegas tourist retail. For the literal readers- this post is dripping with sarcasm. As you might recall from yesterday’s post, I noted the …unique… retail situation at the Paris Hotel and Casino […]

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Midnight in… Paris?

Part II My eyes may have burned from the resident cloud of cigarette smoke, but I could still see.  Was this a colossal joke?  Goofy replicas and caricatures of iconic French art and architecture clumsily strewn around a… a… casino? In the distance, and over […]

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Oh La La Las Vegas

Part I “Do you want to go to Vegas?” Josh asked. “Vegas? Yeah. Sure,” I agreed. “Paris is offering a deal for rooms.  It’s pretty cheap.” “Sounds good.  Let’s do it!” Voila.  A vacation was born.  On a whim, my husband and I booked a […]

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What I Watched: L’arnacoeur

Heartbreaker/ L’arnacoeur (Original Title) Year: 2010 Pascal Chaumeil, Director Cast: Romain Duris (Alex) Vanessa Paradis (Juliette) Julie Ferrier (Mélanie) François Damiens (Marc) Andrew Lincoln (Jonathan)     Alex is a breakup hitman. He doesn’t physically harm people.  He harms relationships. Along with his plucky sister, […]

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Gin & Tonic Songs

The textbook rotten day.  The kind of day that can only correct itself with a tumbler of Tanqueray and tonic.  Gridlocked traffic. A hole in the favorite sweater.  A forgotten lunch.   Enough paper cuts to keep me from touching lemons for a week.  The clock […]

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