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May 2016

Jolie Tea Company

Jess Days. Catchy, right? I try to schedule one monthly for a healthier life balance between work, miscellaneous obligations, and personal fulfillment. The day finds me wandering solo, blending into in the background of anywhere mood permits. Retreat, fade, and reflect. Sometimes this will include […]

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The Routine

Perfect. Those spreadsheets are finally done. What next? Lunch. Reports. I have a meeting this afternoon. I need more Post-Its. What time is it? 11:21am. Eleven. Twenty. One. GAH! How could forget to call her? How did I miss the past two hours? I hope […]

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Dining Room in the Country

I love art. Paintings. Drawing. Sculpture. Design. As a former art history major, there is little that bores me in the realm of visual culture. Considering this, as well as being a Massachusetts native, I am reluctant, and well… embarrassed… to admit that only two […]

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