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March 2016

Pain D’Avignon

Beyond the stretch of outlets, chain restaurants, and general retail, and nestled between an airport and a central route is a miniscule, slightly rocky parking lot, affording only a handful of spots to those who were ambitious to explore beyond the tourist traps and who […]

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What I Watched: Populaire

Sniff. Cough. Hack. Repeat. Toss some explosive AHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOs into the mix, and that appropriately describes my germy existence for the last half of February. Not one to enjoy the confines of a single place for long durations, I started to become an uncontrollable heap of […]

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Love and Crêpes

Valentine’s Day. I have always adored this holiday despite the criticism by many that it is a manufactured opportunity to inflate the cost of roses and chocolate. As a child, mom made the house look like a conversation heart factory exploded. Dad surprised us girls […]

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