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January 2016

Louane, Wah-Oh

Alright, dear friends.  I have some news that might shock you.  For my French friends, my news won’t be alarming.  For many of my non-French friends, you might find this news unsettling.  Are you sitting?  I think you should sit for this.  Here goes… Eh […]

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  Joyeux anniversaire to painter, John Singer Sargent, who would have been 160 years old today! Born on January 12, 1856, Sargent evolved to become the most revered portrait painter of his generation. By a landslide, he is an À La Prochaine favorite, and his […]

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What I Watched: Respire

Every summer, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston hosts a French Film Festival. Being a loyal francophile, one might imagine my excitement at learning about this last July. In actuality, I was cursing myself for being oblivious, missing half of the festival, and frantically scrolling through listings […]

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